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"teleBIZZ has been an important response partner to BP over the last 5 years. We have relied on their IT expertise and professional, friendly call centre team to develop and expedite an efficient reliable response strategy for mobilizing the BP Regional Emergency Response Team for the Europe Africa and Middle East region."
Bruce McKenzie
BP Crisis & Emergency Response Manager
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It really is this easy...

  • You sign up on line
  • We take no money up front, no set up fees - only a £1 credit card validation, so that you are completely set up if you wish to continue or have a small balance to pay if you exceed the free limit
  • We allocate you a line of your own (called a DDI) - this means that every time a call comes to us via this number your company name automatically appears on our screens for your Virtual Receptionist.
  • We give you a password protected 'Account Control Panel'. It takes only a few minutes to put in the summary information that we need to be able to start taking your calls. You can even update it daily if you need to.
  • All you then need to do is divert your phone and leave us to do the rest

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What happens next?

  • When your client rings your line, your telephone answering service greets them using your company name, informs them that you are not currently available and asks if they would they like to leave a message or transfers them to you, depending on your instructions.
  • Your answering service takes down the relevant details and then sends your message instantly to you via email (and SMS if you want). Your message is also stored in your 'Account Control Panel' so that you can look at them later or from any location anywhere in the world using an Internet connection.
  • If you choose to cancel, you may do so at any time during the free trial. After the free trial all we need is one month's notice from your next billing date.

"I think the services provided are first-rate. It's only 'virtual' in the sense that I don't have the huge overheads of a full time receptionist - I find them very approachable, friendly, and above all professional. I am really pleased with the telephone answering service provided by Virtual Receptionist."

Paul Blanchard - Right Angles

24 Hour Call Handling - The Answer to International Business Problems

Whether you like it or not, we are living in a 24 hour society these days and this covers every aspect of our lives, from socialising right through to business. Because the business world now operates on an around the clock basis, this has meant many companies have had to rethink how they structure their organisation, and one of the ways they are doing this is to set up a 24 hour call handling operation. The global economy is responsible for this phenomenon as many businesses now have international links with companies all over the world. We all know that communication is absolutely paramount, no matter what line of business you are in, and between the hours of nine to five, this is not a problem for UK based firms who have clients abroad. The problems begin when you have clients trying to contact you outside of the normal UK office hours when they call your number only to be faced with an automated message on an answer phone. As you will probably know from feedback from your customers, this is not ideal, particularly if English is not the first language of the person who is calling you and has to leave a message on the answer phone.

Call Handling Services - How They Can Help You

If this situation sounds familiar to you, then you don't have to worry because there are many call handling solutions available these days. Thanks to the advances in technology, it is possible to have a 24 hour telephone answering service which is remote from your office, but which will take care of the call answering services outside of the usual office hours. This means your clients who are calling from abroad will speak to someone who is acting on your behalf, and they will be under the impression that the call handling services they are dealing with are in your own office. This helps to portray a fully professional service, which can only enhance the reputation of your company. Remember, the old adage that first impressions count? This is especially the case in business, and by choosing a professional company to handle your 24 hour telephone answering, you will be creating the right impression from the start.

24 Hour Telephone Answering - Choosing the Right Provider

If you have a look online, you will find there are many companies that can offer 24 hour telephone answering services. You have to be sure that the one you choose is 100 per cent professional and reliable because the people at the end of the phone are representing you and your company. This is why so many companies are turning to for expert advice on all aspects of call answering services. When it comes to 24 hour call handling, they have built a great reputation, which is why so many companies are happy to let them be the first point of call for their clients.

If you are lucky enough to find that business is booming and you need additional staff, a 24-hour telephone answering is the perfect solution, whether long term or short term. So now you know a little bit more about 24 hour call handling, get in touch with the experts and let them take the strain out of your communications.