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"teleBIZZ has been an important response partner to BP over the last 5 years. We have relied on their IT expertise and professional, friendly call centre team to develop and expedite an efficient reliable response strategy for mobilizing the BP Regional Emergency Response Team for the Europe Africa and Middle East region."
Bruce McKenzie
BP Crisis & Emergency Response Manager
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Marketing Hints and Tips

How much are your missed calls costing you?

  • 20% of all 'new' business comes in by phone and 80% of callers will not ring back if they can't speak to someone - are you missing valuable opportunities?
  • Finding the 'right' outsourced partner that you can trust will free up your time as well increase your profitability.

What is important to you?

  • Confidence - the only telephone answering service with a Unique call answering 'accuracy' guarantee - or we pay you!
  • Live call answering statistics displayed on line - total transparency
  • Open 24/7 which means you too are 'open' 24/7
  • Simple, fair and easy to understand competitive pricing from only £25 per month and 75p per minute (billed on a per second basis) and no set up fee
  • Small professional teams who get to know you and your clients - almost as if they were sitting in your office
  • 18 years of experience - our clients include some large corporate clients, as well as over 500 SMEs and sole traders
  • Convenient and Easy to use - your messages are sent instantly by email and SMS. You can check messages on line, any time from anywhere in the world
  • Quality Control and rewards that are based on your feedback - our unique 'Rate this Message' enables you to give feedback on every single message to help us continually strive for excellence.

What's more, we're so convinced you'll love our telephone answering service we're offering you the first month's fee and up to £10 worth of call handling completely FREE and Sign up today for Your FREE trialwith no obligation - worth £50.

"The service provided by the Virtual Receptionist team is excellent. They genuinely act as a member of my own company and are always extremely professional.  I doubt there is a better alternative for small companies looking to present a professional and seamless image to their customers. Excellent telephone answering service in every respect."

Simon Cooper - Managing Director, Experiential Learning Centre

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Phone Answering - Robots or Humans?

If you are running a business, you will more than likely have had complaints from customers about their inability to contact you or someone at the office when they needed you. Most companies, no matter their size, have had this problem. When a customer is frustrated that they are unable to reach you or one of your staff, you might find that the person is no longer a customer because they will take their business elsewhere. Research has shown that the majority of people trying to get in touch are not willing to leave a message on an answer phone, which means that companies are losing out on when a call answering service is not available.

With this in mind, you need to be able to provide your customers with a person with whom they can speak whenever they need to. This is where phone answering services can help you. Telephone answering services can give your business a constant link to the outside world seven days a week, 365 days a year if necessary. Once they have spoken to somebody, even if they are later routed to your voicemail, the customer will be happy that he or she was able to have a conversation with a person rather than an automated voice.

Telephone Answering Services - Saving the Day!

As this is a problem many companies have had to deal with, you may be wondering if there is a way you can avoid this situation yourself. As already suggested above, there is a solution to this problem thanks to the telephone answering services provided by

If you look through their website you will find a whole range of services which will make your company more professional and always in touch with the customer.

You can choose to hire a virtual receptionist for your needs, which means you won't have to worry that your customers and clients are unable to get in touch with someone from your company. With their call answering solutions you will be able to provide a better service and experience for your customers thanks to the professional telephone answering services. Once you have been using the call answering system, you will find that you will retain far more customers than in the bad old days when you had to rely on an answer phone.

It is important to the success of your business that you choose a virtual receptionist company that will be able to offer call answering when you need it. By having someone available to answer your phones 24 hours a day, your customers will be able to leave messages on their schedule rather than yours. So, to summarise, when you choose one of the services from you can be sure that your customers will not have to be put on hold for an overly long time, and they will not have to face another answering machine. You can also choose one of the other services offered by, such as mail shot and telemarketing services. You will find that there is a wide range of solutions guaranteed to make your business even more professional and more attractive to your customers...

What Can Telemarketing Services Do for You?

Putting it in a nutshell, telemarketing services cover a wide variety of call centre solutions. These can include telesales, business to business (b2b) telemarketing, lead generation and virtual assistant services. The versatility in the services offered means that telemarketing services companies have managed to make themselves as indispensable to business world as delivery companies and freight forwarding providers.

These days, telemarketing is more of a two-way conversation with clients. Instead of the agent simply talking to the client and trying to sell them a product or services, agents now attempt to find out as much as they can about the customer. It's a fact of human nature that not all agents have the skills to tease the right information from the clients that on their call lists and that is why professional writers put together a script that all telemarketing services agents will follow. Each script is written specifically for the business in question and with their needs in mind. The script is a reflection of what the business wants to accomplish with their telemarketing services campaign. For information about telemarketing services and other solutions such as mailshot, talk to the people at and they will be able to help and advise you on the best products to suit your business.